This mattress comparison is one of the toughest we’ve done.
Here, we have two of the most impressive mattresses on the market. The hybrid dual coil Saatva has seen a steady amount of success in the last few years, while the newer Casper has just grown in popularity in the online space.
So, which of these two mattresses provides the ultimate sleep experience? Read on to discover more about their features in our in-depth Saatva vs. Casper comparison.
An In-Depth Look at Saatva
Let’s kick off by taking a look at the construction.

In terms of its composition, the Saatva stands out in the modern mattress market. Unlike most coiled mattresses, Saatva is made up of two steel coil layers. Available in two thickness levels, the mattress is designed to offer a truly comfortable and highly supportive sleep experience. The two coil layers have been constructed to work together in a complementary way.
Below, we’ll take a closer look at each of Saatva’s layers:
Top layer – Saatva is topped off with a soft euro-top pillow to boost your comfort levels to the max. This pillow top is covered with a breathable organic cotton cover, which just adds to that luxury hotel bed feeling. Aesthetically, it looks as cozy as it feels.
Second layer – Underneath the euro-tip pillow layer, there’s an inch of memory foam. This layer is fantastic for extra support for the lower back area.
Third layer – The layer below the memory foam is the first steel coiler layer. This is made up of individually wrapped coils, which are designed to contour your body in all the right places. No matter what your body shape or sleeping position, these independently pocketed coils will support your curves evenly. To give you an idea of just how many coils we’re talking about, the Queen sized Saatva consists of 884 individual encased coils.
Fourth layer – The foundation layer is made up of the more traditional innerspring coils that used to be really popular in the mattress industry. This base layer is key for support purposes and is the thickest layer of the mattress at 7 inches.
Edge Support System – Saatva have added extra foam between and around their coil layers to further enhance the stability levels of the mattress. This fantastic edge support system reinforces the mattress edges and provides additional support for side sleepers.

Euro pillow top
The top cover is beautifully designed with 100% organic cotton material. This breathable fabric feels incredibly soft and cooling on the skin. It’s similar to the cotton cover used by Saatva for their other mattresses, including the popular Loom & Leaf foam mattress.
So, what is the purpose of the Euro pillow top? Well, it adds a huge amount of comfort to the sleep experience. The pillow top significantly amps up the soft feeling of the mattress.
Traditionally, pillow tops are sewn directly on to the top of mattresses and can look a little untidy and misshapen. However, the Saatva euro-style pillow top is aesthetically pleasing, as the organic cotton fabric covers the pillow top perfectly.
Just how is the Saatva Euro top pillow so comfortable? Well, this Euro-style top consists of both uber soft foam and fiber filling for optimum comfort levels. It has also been carefully constructed for durability as most traditional pillow tops are known to lose their shape over time.
Saatva’s top cover is also patterned in a way to provide full body support. The quilted pattern is tighter in the middle and less packed at the edges of the mattress. This means sleepers will get additional support and spinal alignment from the mid-section of the mattress.

Firmness and Support Levels
Although many new mattress brands now offer only one level of medium firmness for all their customers, the Saatva team has decided to offer variety. There are three different levels of firmness on offer to suit all sleeping tastes:
The softest choice is the Plush Soft Saatva. This is about 3 or 4 out of 10 on the firmness scale (with 1 being the least and 10 being the most firm).
Next is the Luxury Firm, which is rated about a 6 out of 10 in terms of firmness. This is the level of firmness that most other mattress brands offer.
Finally, there is the hardest option. The Saatva Firm is an 8 out of 10 on the firmness scale.
If you’re not sure whether you like your mattresses particularly soft or firm, we’d recommend opting for the Luxury Firm. This is the level of firmness that the majority of sleepers find the most comfortable.
In terms of how it feels, just sitting on the Saatva immediately provides soft and comfortable support. This instant comfort is primarily thanks to the Euro pillow top. Lie down on it and you’ll feel the supportive nature of the dual coil layers as well. No matter what your sleeping style or position, the two coil layers are designed to support all types of sleepers while also offering the right amount of pressure relief.
When it comes to the materials used, the team at Saatva definitely haven’t compromised on the quality. For each layer, there is a mix of non-toxic, organic and recyclable materials used. The cover is made of a top-notch 100% organic cotton material. Natural thistle is used as a barrier to fire instead of chemical ingredients, making it an entirely safe mattress to sleep on. Saatva has also used recycled materials for the construction of its coils.
While the entire Saatva mattress isn’t made of 100% organic materials, the company has clearly taken steps to provide an environmentally friendly product and a healthy sleeping environment.
Saatva offers its customers two levels of thickness. You can choose between an 11.5 inch mattress or a 14.5 inch mattress.
Now, it’s important to note that the two thickness levels are only aesthetically different from each other. They feel exactly the same and cost the same. The different height options are simply there to offer a bit of variety in terms of how the mattress looks, as some customers prefer a sleeker and thinner mattress while others like a thick and plush looking mattress.
The cost of a Saatva mattress will only vary based on its sizes, not its thickness levels.
More Information
Delivery – Delivered for free within 7 to 15 days
Warranty Period – 15 years
Sleep Trial Period – 120 days
Returns – 100% refund if you decide to return within 120 days with a $99 transportation charge
An In-Depth Look at Casper
The Casper mattress is entirely made of foam, but it’s constructed of four different layers:
Top Layer – The first layer of the Casper is an inch and a half of poly foam. This type of foam is highly responsive and designed to offer optimum comfort and temperature control.
Second Layer – Next comes an inch and a half of high-density memory foam. This layer is designed for support and pressure relief. Its position underneath the layer of poly foam helps with any potential heat retention issues.
Third Layer – This transitional layer is another inch and a half of poly foam.
Bottom Layer – The supportive base layer of the Saatva is made up of five inches of poly foam.
Although memory foam is known not to be best in terms of temperature control, the Casper is designed not to overheat. The layer of latex on top of the memory foam keeps the sleeping surface comfortably cool by allowing the mattress to breathe. So you can enjoy the great contouring and support capabilities of the memory foam without an uncomfortably hot sleeping surface.
The Casper cover is made of a 100% polyester fabric. The two-tone white and grey design makes it stand out from all the other typically white mattress covers. The polyester material is soft and breathable which also helps with cooling.
The Casper mattress is only available in one firmness level. It is a medium-firm mattress, which is about 6 or 7 out of 10 on the firmness scale.
The mattress has clearly been designed to cater for all types and sizes of sleepers. If you’re a heavier weight, the Casper will feel a little firmer for you as you’ll sink deeper into the harder layers.
Thanks to the use of memory foam, the Casper contours and hugs your body nicely. The top latex layer means that sleepers can sink in but also experience a slight bouncy feel. The use of highly responsive latex means that you don’t sink in as much as you would for a traditional memory foam mattress. Support-wise, we’d say the Casper offers adequate levels of support but it doesn’t feel quite as stable and sturdy as other mattresses that we’ve tried.
More Information
Delivery – Free shipping within 1-5 days. The Casper is delivered fully compressed in a box
Warranty Period – 10 years
Sleep Trial Period – 100 days
Returns – 100% refund available within the sleep trial period
Saatva vs. Casper: Which Mattress is Better?
After our in-depth review of all the various features, materials and construction, we felt that the Saatva has the edge over the Casper. It offers more variety to suit all types of sleepers and individual tastes, with different firmness levels and thickness levels on offer. It also offers a longer sleep trial period and free set up service for a hassle-free experience.
Ultimately, we felt that the support and comfort levels offered by the Casper paled in comparison to Saatva’s more premium offering.