We Bought & Tested the Original Tempur Pedic and Here’s What We Think

TEMPUR-Pedic is most well known for being the original memory foam mattress brand. Now, even though plenty of other brands are producing quality memory foam mattresses, it still holds its place as the original. 

Since their launch over two decades ago, they have continued to develop and release new mattress models and designs, etc.

Sizes and Price

Tempur-adapt, which is Tempur Pedic’s original mattress, is available in eight sizes –Twin, Twin Long, Double, Queen, King, Split King, CA King, and Split CA King.

Please note that Tempur Pedic has several different mattress models, and their prices will vary due to different construction, materials used, etc.

Twin: The Twin mattress costs $1,699
Twin Long: The Twin Long mattress costs $1,699
Double: The Double-sized mattress costs $2,049
Queen: The Queen mattress costs $2,199
King: The King mattress costs $2,899
Split King: The Split King mattress costs $3,398
CA King: The CA King mattress costs $2,899
Split CA King: The Split CA King mattress costs $3,398

You can also purchase all Tempur-pedic mattresses in installments.

All Tempur-pedic mattresses come with a 90-Night trial, and a 10-year Warranty.

Tempur-Adapt Construction

1) Cool-to-touch Cover – Every Tempur-Pedic mattress comes with a breathable cover. In the case of TEMPUR-Adapt model, it comes with a Cool-to-touch Cover. This cover is made of a soft and comfortable material that is easy to wash in the washing machine, and provides a superior cool-to-touch feel.

2) TEMPUR-ES Comfort Layer – The softer feel TEMPUR-ES comfort layer is designed to work in combination with other materials in the mattress, to relax and provide support.

3) Original TEMPUR Support Layer – The original TEMPUR support layer is formulated from the Tempur material and provides advanced adaptability, comfort and support for the whole body. The way it works is this layer helps distribute your body weight evenly across your mattress.

Mattress Cover

Tempur-adapt’s breathable mattress cover (Cool-to-Touch) is made of a soft and comfortable material that is easy to wash in the washing machine, and provides a superior cool-to-touch feel.

Feel, Support and Firmness

After testing the Tempur-Adapt mattress, and actually sleeping on it, we think that overall its a good mattress, but it does come with some drawbacks.

During our tests, we felt like the Tempur-Adapt mattress, while comfortable, sank in a little too much.

Another thing we didn’t like with the Tempur-Adapt mattress is the fact that its foam response times seemed a little too slow for our tastes. We would have preferred quicker response times for better, more immediate support.

For comparison, the foam response times of our top-rated Puffy Mattress seem quicker, and as a result, it feels as though you get faster contouring to your body shape, and of course faster pressure relief.

Purchase and Delivery Process

The shipping is free if you live in the continental United States.

All purchases come with a 10-year warranty and a 90-Night trial, so you can easily return the mattress in case you don’t like it.

Customer Support

Tempur-Pedic has a great customer support team. You can reach them via email, live chat or by calling their customer service number.

The Final Word

After buying and testing the Tempur-adapt mattress, we think that overall its a good mattress that provides a cool sleeping surface.

Tempur-Adapt also provides great edge support, so you won’t feel wobbly or unstable near the edges.

However, there are a few things we didn’t like.

First of all, during our tests, Tempur-Adapt sank in a little too much. And secondly, Tempur-Adapt’s foam response times seemed a little too slow for our tastes.

Our biggest issue with Tempur-Adapt, and Tempur-Pedic’s in general, however, is the price!

A Queen Tempur-Adapt costs $2,199. Compare that with a Queen Puffy mattress that costs $850 but provides quicker foam response times, and doesn’t sink in as much.

We’re also not the biggest fans of Tempur-pedic’s 10 year warranty.

Puffy, for example, offers a LIFETIME warranty on all their mattresses, which means that the Puffy team will help you deal with any issues you’ll ever face, not just in the first 10 years.

The bottom line is that while both mattresses are quite comfortable and provide good edge support, the Puffy mattress is, in our opinion, a more worthy investment than Tempur-Adapt, especially when you consider the fact that Puffy costs almost 3x less!