Nectar creates mattresses for all types of people – no matter how you prefer to sleep, there’s a Nectar mattress that suits your sleeping habits. Each Nectar memory foam mattress comes with a lifetime warranty, as well as a 365-day sleep trial.

As a manufacturer, Nectar uses only eco-friendly materials and is created through an organic process to ensure each mattress doesn’t contain harsh or aggressive chemicals. Each mattress is made for optimal comfort and comes with five different layers.


Nectar’s mattress comfort is made up of five different layers:

1) Tencel cooling cover

The Tencel cooling layer is custom-milled meaning it removes all heat and allows for circulation of fresh air throughout usage. As a result, each individual can rest easy knowing the temperature will remain the same at all times. It’s worth noting the cover is bed bug-resistant.

2) Quilted gel memory foam

Quilting is an expensive process, but it’s one of high quality because Nectar uses a fully quilted layer of gel cooling memory foam. As a result, there’s better comfort and breathability for those using this mattress.

3) Premium gel memory foam

Nectar’s premium gel memory foam is basically a semi-open Lush foam. Its one of the best gel memory foams on the market because of its high quality, and ability to distribute the perfect amount of heat throughout the foam.

4) Adaptive hi-core memory foam

The fourth layer consists of adaptive memory foam which prevents users from sinking into the mattress.

5) Breathable base layer

You can enjoy a dense yet the breathable foundation when using any Nectar mattress.


Nectar’s cooling cover is made from two eco-friendly fabrics: long-staple cotton and tencel. Again, they help with temperature regulation and breathability. The cover is also easily removable in case you need to wash it, etc.



Lifetime Warranty
Financing Available through Affirm
365 Night Sleep Trial
Every Mattress Comes with 2 FREE Pillows
Free Shipping and Returns


Only One Firmness Option
Edge Support Can be a Little Firmer


Nectar mattresses are available in 6 different sizes:

Twin: The dimensions of the twin sized mattress are 39 x 75 x 11 inches. It costs $399
Twin XL: The twin XL costs $469, and its dimensions are 39 x 80 x 11 inches
Full: Nectar’s full-sized mattress costs $599, and its dimensions are 54 x 75 x 11 inches
Queen: The dimensions of the queen-sized mattress are 60 x 80 x 11 inches. It costs $699
King: The king-sized mattress costs $899. Its dimensions are 76 x 80 x 11 inches
Cal King: The Cal King mattress costs $899 and it has the following dimensions: 72 x 84 x 11 inches

There’s also the option to buy now and pay later in monthly installments on selected purchases.


Each Nectar mattress is medium-firm delivering good pressure relief to the body, and catering to a wide variety of needs and body types. The top layers of the mattress are less-responsive to pressure so your body slowly sinks in giving it that nice relaxing feeling. The bottom layers are firmer and help maintain a proper body posture.

If you prefer to sleep on a more durable and bouncy mattress, then Nectar probably isn’t the right mattress for you.

When it comes to feeling another’s person movements when laying on a Nectar mattress, the mattress feels exactly as expected from a good memory foam mattress. You will feel a little impact if another person is sleeping next to you, but barely feel anything if its a relatively light object, etc.



Here are some of the Nectar reviews from VERIFIED REVIEWERS:

Liz B. of
Kingston, NY
''We actually received our mattress a few days ahead of schedule. Less than a week. Box was heavy, but husband moved it in house and opened it. As soon as it opened and was laid expanded. No fumes or smells. We slept on it that evening and it was pure pleasure. I have back issues and arthritis. Since I have slept on this mattress I wake up refreshed. The comfort level is perfect for us...not too firm or too soft. We love this mattress. I fall asleep much easier. Plus the 2 free pillows were a plus. Most comfortable pillow ever that you can adjust to your level of thickness. Love it and highly recommend.''
Jim of
Peoria, IL
''I have owned this product for about 7 months now and can honestly say it has held up tremendously well. The Nectar bed is one of the more affordable foam mattresses out there but carries the best warranty. Mattress is a bit on the firm side but very supportive and easy to get used to. Only complaint I have is that their shipping was a bit slow. When it arrived however, it was well worth the wait. ''
Candice P.
''My husband and I both prefer firm mattresses. We had a pillow top mattress for 10 years and the sleep the last 2 years of owning it was miserable. We would both wake with major back and neck pain. When we saw this we thought it was worth a shot given the price tag and the trial period. We have absolutely loved it so far and it's been approximately 2 months. There was an adjustment period of a few days going from a very soft pillow top to a firm mattress but man, oh man, this thing is amazing. I have not woken one day with back or neck pain. And the free pillows that come with them I have loved. My husband found them too firm for him, however. Great mattress at a great value!''
Richard B.
''Pretty ideal mattress, I was looking online for awhile which one to buy and decided on this one. It’s a bit firm which I love, and I sleep perfectly through the night, no pain, no tossing and turning, it’s still cold where I live so I can’t attest to it running too warm or not but so far so good. The free pillows aren’t my favorite, I wouldn’t say why yet, I think they still have a bit of a smell I haven’t aired them out well, but they aren’t my primary pillow so it’s fine... plus they were ‘free’ in the purchase so I can’t really complain.'' -


Finance options through Affirm are available when you buy a Nectar mattress. This allows you to pay in easy monthly payments in case you’re currently on a budget, etc.

Every Nectar mattress can be ordered directly from the company’s website and delivered for free.

Nectar also comes with a lifetime warranty, and of course the all important 365-night sleep trial.


Nectar’s customer support is available during regular working hours.

A Nectar representative can be contacted via the live chat option available on their website, or via email. If you’re looking for some visual help, then make sure to check out Nectar’s YouTube channel. The company’s blog also is a good point of information.


In our opinion, Nectar is a great option for sleepers in need of a firm memory foam mattress that won’t cost the world. With 6 sizes to choose from, and great pressure relief features, they’re a solid choice for most types of sleepers.

Their 365-night sleep trial and lifetime warranty are also great, and make recommending them a no-brainer!


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