The top layer of this particular mattress is made from a latex-type foam creating bounce. This is especially important as it allows partners sleeping each each other to comfortably move around without waking one another up.

At 2 inches thick, the memory foam layer helps with pressure relief combined with the 6 inch thick poly foam base that ensures the bed stays in the correct shape for a long product life. As a medium firm mattress, it provides great comfort for most sleepers especially those that frequently move throughout the night. As you sink into the mattress, you’ll notice the pressure relief as the foam cradles your shape.

If you lie on your back, you’ll notice your weight is evenly distributed across the mattress for comfort which also creates great edge support. Another key point is the minimal risk of rolling off the bed while sleeping or creating dents whilst completing regular tasks ie. sitting and reading.

Value for Money

Whether you’re on a budget, have several mattresses to buy or would prefer to keep your cents for other purchases – the price is worth noting. A Leesa Twin costs $525, a Twin XL costs $625 and a Full size costs $790. If you’d prefer larger, the Leesa Queen-size bed costs at $940, while the King and the California King both cost at $1,070.


Leesa supports a community give back project as they donate 1 bed for every 10 sold making it a great company to support.

Shipping & Warranty

The shipping is free if you live in the continental United States. All purchases come with a 10-year warranty.

Trial Period

Still unconvinced? Leesa offer a 100 nights trial period to all their customers.

The Final Verdict

Each product is 100% made in the USA, another huge perk as it supports the US manufacturing industry.

When it arrives on your doorstep it is compressed meaning it’s easily transported inside. For anyone that prefers to sleep on their back or stomach, they’ll enjoy the Leesa mattress as you can change positions without any long-term damage to yourself or the bed. This means it’s a great mattress for anyone with back pains.

Each mattress also provides motion isolation so your partner won’t disturb you as they move throughout the night. Finally, before we discuss prices, it’s worth noting it’s made from a breathable cool latex-esque top layer so you remain cool during your sleep. Now – price.

Starting at $525-$1,070 the range of mattresses sit in a good price bracket for most shopper searching for top quality and affordable pricing.

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