We Bought & Tested Comfy: Here’s Why Its Our Top-Rated Mattress

The US-based mattress company Comfy is a relatively new entrant to the market but has already made a lot of headlines. With a great reputation, the brand is known for their two memory foam mattresses Comfy Standard and Comfy Premium, as well as a few accessories like sheets, mattress protectors, pillows, etc.

Comfy products are great for all types of sleepers and can also be placed on all foundations.

Sizes and Price

It’s worth noting that Comfy Standard and Comfy Premium are available in six sizes –Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and Cal King.

Comfy is currently offering $250 OFF any mattress, and here’s a price for each Comfy mattress with a $250 discount applied.

Please note that Comfy Premium will be a little more expensive than Comfy Standard, due to having an additional Body Adapting Macro Air Layer.

Twin: The Twin mattress costs $499 (w/ $250 discount applied)
Twin XL: The Twin XL mattress costs $529 (w/ $250 discount applied)
Full: The Full-sized mattress costs $699 (w/ $250 discount applied)
Queen: The Queen mattress costs $899 (w/ $250 discount applied)
King: The King mattress costs $1,099 (w/ $250 discount applied)
Cal King: The Cal King mattress costs $1,099 (w/ $250 discount applied)

With a great reputation and transparent pricing and manufacturing, it doesn’t take much to justify why Comfy Standard or Comfy Premium is a great investment.

You’ll also enjoy a LIFETIME warranty, as well as a 150-nights trial to see if Comfy is the right option for you.

Comfy Construction

The Comfy is constructed of only 3 layers, which is largely due to the multiple benefits of the top BeCool memory foam layer.

1) BeCool Foam Layer – Comfy’s BeCool foam is a proprietary layer that you’ll only find in a Comfy mattressThe brand has worked hard to develop BeCool to be the most comfortable and cooling memory foam on the market.

So, what are some of the benefits of the BeCool foam?

The primary advantage that we’ve found is that the proprietary BeCool foam is more cooling due to its structure – the graphite-infused material has the advantage of being one of the coolest foams in the industry. Comfy’s BeCool memory foam disperses heat away from your body using convection and conduction allowing for more effective airflow.

Comfy’s BeCool foam dramatically increases airflow leaving you cool, comfortable and well rested.

Another benefit of the BeCool layer is the speed at which it contours to your body shape. Standard memory foam requires body heat to activate its cells and contouring ability. BeCool is quicker to respond due to having less cells.

Yes, the difference in time is almost insignificant, but we thought its still worth mentioning, especially if you’d like your mattress to contour instantly, rather than taking a little bit of time to warm up.

2) Extra Breathable Transition Foam – The secret of Comfy’s mattress reputation is its consistency. Comfy mattresses incorporate advanced temperature & humidity-resistant materials, such as their transition layer, that combat climate fluctuations which can disrupt a comfortable night’s sleep.

3) Firm Core Support Foam – The Comfy Mattress is not only comfortable, but it’s also strong and durable. Comfy’s 7″ Firm Support Layer is an open-cell durable base foam and provides noticeably better responsiveness and better support than many other mattresses.

Body Adapting Macro Air Layer (Exclusive to Comfy Premium)  – This layer is only built into Comfy Premium products and comes with all of the benefits of Comfy Standard, plus 1.5 extra inches of memory foam. The Macro Air pressure relieving foam is a premium memory foam that contours to your body to provide exceptional pressure-relief. It also has one of the highest air flows on the market, and ensures that you will sleep cooler. Macro Air is an extremely durable foam and offers the highest quality performance.

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Mattress Cover

All Comfy mattresses come with stain-resistant covers which are made from only the best materials. The cover is specially formulated to remove heat and ensure that you sleep cool. As a result, each individual can rest easy knowing that this smooth and comfortable cover will provide cooling all night long.

You should know the cover isn’t removable or washable, but it is easily wiped due to its stain-resistant nature. It is also waterproof so no sweat, oil or liquid can enter the mattress and cause internal damage.

Feel, Support and Firmness

Both Comfy Standard and Comfy Premium are rated eight and six respectively on the firmness scale of one to ten – this is known as the sweet spot for most types of sleepers. The Premium model comes with an extra layer of comfort so it’s a little softer than the regular Comfy mattress making it a great choice for anyone with back or joint pain.

The product delivers a superior sleeping experience, and despite the many hours spent on the mattress, it always comes back to its original condition as the sinkage isn’t high. You however will still enjoy high body contouring for a perfect night’s sleep.

As far as responsiveness goes, the mattress feels good and acts as a great asset in the bedroom for any couple’s intimate life. The foundation is solid enough to withstand lots of pressure without causing damage, while being gentle enough so you don’t notice your partner move while you’re sleeping.

Purchase and Delivery Process

Purchasing and receiving a Comfy mattress couldn’t be easier. It’s sold exclusively online and delivery is free, as are returns.

The $250 discount is applied automatically during checkout, and all of the relevant information regarding dimensions, etc., is on the pricing page.

Please keep in mind that Comfy doesn’t offer installation, nor does it remove your old mattress. On the plus side, you get 2 FREE pillows with every mattress purchase, and a FREE dog bed if you buy Comfy Premium.

Comfy Pros & Cons


High-quality materials
Outstanding comfort
Lifetime warranty
Pressure point and back pain relief
Adaptive support
Zero motion transfer


No white glove delivery
No old mattress removal

Customer Support

The Comfy customer support team is fantastic! It’s available via live chat or email, and can be contacted regarding any questions or concerns. Also, you can use their website to post questions and receive an answer within 24-48 hours.

The Final Word

Comfy without a doubt is a fantastic mattress for all sleeper types.

It is extremely comfortable and offers great edge support.

You also get a LIFETIME warranty which means that you’re unlikely to ever need to buy a new mattress again. Comfy’s generous warranty package means that the Comfy team will help you deal with any issues you’ll ever face.

The only way you’d ever need to get a mattress replacement is if you accidentally damage it yourself. Think of the Comfy as the ultimate ‘forever’ purchase.

In our opinion this, combined with Comfy’s lightweight nature and a very affordable price, ultimately make it a more worthy investment than Comfy’s competitors.

And if that’s not enough, the fact the mattress offers a 150-night trial and is manufactured in the US, should be enough to convince any cautious buyer.

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