If you’re searching for a top of the range mattress for a truly comfortable night’s sleep, both the Purple and the Saatva have a lot to offer.

Now, while both products are undoubtedly high-quality, the two brands couldn’t be more different from each other. The team at Purple have decided to market their products in a quirkier way to stand out in the competitive mattress market. On the other hand, the Saatva team have always positioned their products in a more luxurious and premium way.

The question is, how do these two actually compare in terms of the sleep experience and comfort levels?

Well, we’ve put both to the test to help you decide which is more worthy of your money. Read on for a detailed comparison of all their features, resulting in our recommendation for which one to buy.

Saatva Pros and Cons

Let’s kick off with what we like and don’t like about the Saatva:


  • Beautifully crafted hybrid mattress with multiple layers
  • Effective support for all sleeping positions
  • Produced in an environmentally friendly way
  • Long lasting and durable
  • Complementary benefits of both innerspring and memory foam


  • Not the best at reducing motion transfer
  • Doesn’t support heavier people or side sleepers as well

Saatva offers its customers a choice of different styles with two different thickness options on offer. It’s important to point out that these only make an aesthetic difference and feel exactly the same to sleep on.

You can choose from the Luxury Firm, which is 14.5 inches thick, or the Custom Slim mattress which is just 11.5 inches thick. Although they look very different, both are crafted in the same way using the exact same materials.

The Saatva mattress has a unique composition in the market. It includes a layer of individually pocketed springs as well as a more traditional innerspring coil layer. The mattress is also topped off with a plush euro-top pillow which adds extra cushioning and that sumptuous hotel bed feeling. The high-density foam at the edges is designed to create additional support and stability for different sleeping positions.

Important points to note

  • Saatva has a free sleep trial offer for 120 nights, but the return shipping is 99 dollars within this period
  • Limited warranty of 15 years
  • Shipping and mattress set up is completely free of cost
  • The production meets the official CertiPUR-US® standards
  • Recycled materials are used in the production process
  • The Saatva mattress is produced locally in America.

Purple Pros and Cons

Next, let’s take a closer look at the strengths and weaknesses of the Purple mattress


  • The mattress technology is innovative and patented
  • It provides comfort and pressure relief in any sleeping position
  • The mattress is designed for temperature control, offering a cool sleeping surface in the warmer months
  • It is built to be highly durable


  • It feels quite different from other mattresses and may not be to everyone’s liking
  • There is just one firmness level on offer
  • No setup services are available with delivery

Purple is undoubtedly one of the most unique mattress companies out there. Their quirky marketing campaign stands out in the bed industry, and they also have as many as 15 patents for their various features.

A highlight feature of the Purple mattress is their Smart Comfort Grid™. This is constructed using Hyper-Elastic Polymer™, a pressure-releasing material that offers sleepers plenty of support through the night. The Purple Bed has clearly been carefully constructed to offer the support levels of a firm mattress with the comfort levels of a soft mattress.  

When it comes to cooling, this product is incredible. The internal hollow design means that air can move freely within the Purple mattress. This keeps your bed at a comfortable temperature throughout the night. It also increases the mattress durability, as the internal airflow protects it from any moisture buildup.  

Important points to note

  • Purple offer a 100-night free return policy
  • Within this sleep trial period, the Purple team will collect any returns for free
  • Each Purple mattress has a 10-year warranty
  • There are no delivery costs for US and Canadian residents
  • Made of hypoallergenic and made of non-toxic materials
  • Purple mattresses are produced in Utah

Similarities between Purple and Saatva


There are a few areas where the two mattresses are quite similar:



The prices for the Twin XL, Full and Queen are the same for both the Saatva and Purple. However, the Saatva King and California King are $100 more expensive than the Purple in those sizes.


Although both companies will deliver your mattress to your door for free, Saatva will also set it up for you for no extra cost. This is an extremely convenient service that not many mattress brands are offering for free.

Support Levels

Purple and Saatva both offer great support for the entire body while sleeping.  Saatva’s dual coil layers offer excellent back support and the edge support system is ideal for side sleepers.


When it comes to maintaining a high quality of production, Saatva certainly hasn’t held back. Everything from the materials used to the construction itself is top-notch and results in a long-lasting product.  

Purple also delivers on the quality of materials. In particular, their polymer is excellent for durability.

Both mattresses definitely deliver on the durability front.

Pressure Relief

We found both the Purple and Saatva were great for pressure relief.  Whether you’re a side sleeper or a stomach sleeper (or any other position!), you won’t feel any pressure. Saatva is a touch better for those who like to sleep on their back or for stomach sleepers.

The standard Purple mattress is better for supporting heavier people than the medium-firm Saatva. However, the firmer sized Saatva delivers sufficient support for larger sized individuals.

Differences between Purple and Saatva



The primary difference between the Purple and the Saatva mattress is their construction. Saatva is made up of two coiled layers designed to complement each other. It’s also topped off with a euro-top pillow for a superior sleep experience.


The two coil layers include an individually pocketed coil layer with a durable innerspring coil layer underneath it. There’s also a thin transitional layer of foam in the middle of the two coils layers. This has been included for additional support and to absorb any motion transfer.


Finally, the Saatva also consists of an edge support system made of firm polyfoam.  This has been added for extra stability around the edges. Saatva also has extra foam right at the bottom and between the two coil layers, designed to provide a high level of support and stability for all kinds of sleepers.

Thanks to all the extra support features that Saatva has introduced amongst its layers, this mattress is one of the most durable and supportive on the market.

In contrast, the Purple mattress is entirely made of foam with not a single spring. One of their layers is made up of a couple of inches of hyper-elastic polymer™ which is formed into Purple’s Smart Comfort Grid™. As the polymer is made of recyclable materials and safe ingredients, you’ll be able to sleep soundly knowing that your sleeping surface is completely non-toxic.

Underneath the polymer layer, the team at Purple have introduced a layer of firm polyurethane, known as the Plush Comfort Foam. There is a firmer support layer underneath it, also made of high-density poly foam. The extra level of firmness here is designed to prove a strong foundation for the polymer layer.

Edge Support

Although Purple’s smart grid offers superior levels of support than other foam mattresses, Saatva has nailed edge support with its enhanced additional foam support system.

Variety of Options

There is only one type of mattress available at Purple, while Saatva offers three firmness levels to choose from, the Plush Soft mattress, the Luxury Firm mattress, and the Firm mattress.

Saatva also offers two different thickness levels: 14.5 inches or 11.5 inches. Both feel the same but offer aesthetic variety.


Saatva’s warranty of 15 years is considerably better than Purple’s limited guarantee of just 10 years. It is one of the best warranties on the market for mattresses at this price point.

Free Return Option

This is a tough one, as Saatva offer 20 additional days for their free return period than Purple. However, they charge customers $99 for return shipping.  Although Purple offers a shorter sleep trial period of just 100 days, any returns within this period are completely free of cost.

Sleep Experience

If you’ve ever wanted to recreate that luxury hotel bed experience at home, the Saatva mattress makes it possible. The combination of the bouncy innerspring layer, the plush euro-top pillow and the supportive memory foam work together beautifully to provide a divine sleep experience. There isn’t any element of sagging or dipping so your body will feel comfortably supported through the night.

This is largely thanks to the individual coil layer, which does an exceptional job at hugging your body in just the right places. The more traditional innerspring layer provides extra support and a light bounce. The Saatva is a mattress that you’ll have trouble getting up from.  

The Purple mattress also offers a great night of sleep but in an entirely different way. It offers more bounce and a high level of support. Spending a night on a Purple bed may feel as if you’re floating mid-air.

When it comes to temperature control, the Purple offers a wonderfully cool surface which ideal for those sweltering summer nights.

So, which one is better?


After careful consideration, we would recommend the Saatva over the Purple. Although both mattresses are high quality and it could boil down to personal preference, the Saatva simply offers a much more luxurious experience and sumptuous feel.

The Saatva also wins over the Purple thanks to its longer 15-year warranty, set up at delivery, and varied product offering. You have a lot more choice with the Saatva, both in terms of firmness levels and thickness levels.  The white glove set up service also means that you don’t have to worry about lugging a heavy mattress to your chosen room.

The Saatva is also versatile as it caters for a number of sleep positions. Side sleepers will appreciate the support of the individual coils as they perfectly conform to your body. Stomach sleepers will love the level of pressure relief. Those of you who regularly wake up with backaches will enjoy the spine alignment abilities of the coil layers.


Whether you’re on the heavier side or smaller size, the excellent edge support that the Saatva offers will keep you supported through the night.  You can also choose the right firmness levels based on your personal preferences and your body shape. The additional layers of foam will support larger body sizes.


Couples will also appreciate the extra edge support. Even if your partner pushes you right to the edge, you’ll feel stable and supported by the mattress.

In a nutshell

While the two mattresses do share some similarities in terms of their top-notch materials and construction, the Saatva mattress has the edge. Ultimately, it offers more variety to suit all types of sleepers, while the Purple may not be suitable for everyone.