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Looking for a comfortable and affordable mattress? Our researchers have bought and tested some of 2020’s most popular mattresses such as the Purple Mattress, Comfy and Saatva, and here’s our ranking of the best ones based on things such as comfort and support, price, BBB rating, length of warranty, and overall value:
Disclaimer: Our top ranked mattresses are reviewed on the basis of our own views, knowledge and expert opinions. We are able to provide you with our free online comparison tool thanks to referral fees we receive from a number of companies that are compared and reviewed on our website. We do not review all products in a given category. We are independently owned and operated and all opinions expressed on this site are our own
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Purple vs Comfy: Which One Should You Buy?

We bought and tested both mattresses to help you decide.

Unsure of which mattress to get between the Purple and Comfy?

Luckily for you, we bought and tested each brand’s best-selling mattress to help you decide which mattress is, in our opinion, a better investment.

According to various studies, we spend at least a third of our lives sleeping. Now, if we say that the average person lives to 75 years, that’s around 25 years of our lives that we spend asleep.

So it makes complete sense to invest in a top-notch comfortable and supportive mattress that will give you the best quality of sleep for many years to come!

Information gathered as of 11/18/2020 from manufacturers websites and

Purple vs Comfy: Overview

In recent years, we’ve been introduced to a number of high-quality mattresses with advanced technology and unique features. The Comfy Mattress, which was recently featured in New York Weekly, is one such example.

Another good example is of course the Purple mattress which gained popularity thanks to their Smart Comfort Grid technology which is backed by 30 patents.

Both the Comfy and the Purple mattress have a non-traditional and distinct composition that is unique to their brand. Both also have been praised by many for the high levels of support they offer.

So if you’re stuck deciding between the Comfy and the Purple mattress, this review and comparison is definitely for you.

Purple vs Comfy: Construction


The original Purple mattress consists of the following 3 layers:

1) Smart Comfort Grid – Purple’s top layer is made of hyper-elastic polymer. Its 2″ thick and is the famous “purple” layer in the mattress. The Smart Comfort Grid is built to relieve pressure points, and to provide comfort and support without the use of any memory foam. As you press down on the mattress, the grid should flex under your body, offering adequate support and minimal motion transfer. The way the grid is constructed is also great for cooling as the composition allows air to flow freely inside the mattress.

2) High-Density PolyurethanePurple’s middle layer is a soft, high-density polyurethane foam that was designed to provide transitional support, and to enhance the responsiveness and feel of the top layer.

3) Support Foam – Purple’s third layer is a medium-firm, high-density polyurethane foam that acts as the foundation, and is basically there to provide structural support to the mattress. The newer Purple model features a coil layer, instead of foam.


Now, let’s take a closer look at the Comfy mattress. The Comfy is also constructed of 3 layers, which is largely due to the multiple benefits of the top BeCool memory foam layer.

1) BeCool Foam Layer – Comfy’s BeCool foam is a proprietary layer that you’ll only find in a Comfy mattressThe brand has worked hard to develop BeCool to be the most comfortable and cooling memory foam on the market.

So, what are some of the benefits of the BeCool foam?

The primary advantage that we’ve found is that the proprietary BeCool foam is more cooling due to its structure – the graphite-infused material has the advantage of being one of the coolest foams in the industry. Comfy’s BeCool memory foam disperses heat away from your body using convection and conduction allowing for more effective airflow.

Comfy’s BeCool foam dramatically increases airflow leaving you cool, comfortable and well rested.

Another benefit of the BeCool layer is the speed at which it contours to your body shape. Standard memory foam requires body heat to activate its cells and contouring ability. BeCool is quicker to respond due to having less cells.

Yes, the difference in time is almost insignificant, but we thought its still worth mentioning, especially if you’d like your mattress to contour instantly, rather than taking a little bit of time to warm up.

2) Extra Breathable Transition Foam – The secret of Comfy’s mattress reputation is its consistency. Comfy mattresses incorporate advanced temperature & humidity-resistant materials, such as their transition layer, that combat climate fluctuations which can disrupt a comfortable night’s sleep.

3) Firm Core Support Foam – The Comfy Mattress is not only comfortable, but it’s also strong and durable. Comfy’s 7″ Firm Support Layer is an open-cell durable base foam and provides noticeably better responsiveness and better support than many other mattresses.

Body Adapting Macro Air Layer (Exclusive to Comfy Premium)  – This layer is only built into Comfy Premium products and comes with all of the benefits of Comfy Standard, plus 1.5 extra inches of memory foam. The Macro Air pressure relieving foam is a premium memory foam that contours to your body to provide exceptional pressure-relief. It also has one of the highest air flows on the market, and ensures that you will sleep cooler. Macro Air is an extremely durable foam and offers the highest quality performance.

Purple vs Comfy: Comfort and Support

Generally, memory foam mattresses are lauded for being highly comfortable and supportive. This makes them a popular choice for people suffering from any back or joint aches and pains. As a material, memory foam is fantastic for providing exceptional support levels, leaving sleepers with hours of steady and uninterrupted sleep.

Interestingly, in our experience, comfort and support is one of the primary areas of difference between the Comfy and the Purple mattresses.

During our tests, we came to the conclusion that Comfy was a slightly more comfortable mattress than the Purple. It has that perfect firmness and comfort level, and just feels better regardless of the position you like to sleep on (back, side or stomach).

Moving around on a Comfy felt smoother too as its top cooling “BeCool” layer molds itself quite snugly to the curves of your body.

Purple on the other hand felt a little too firm, and when you move around and change the position of your head or body, the transition feels a little too rigid.

We also thought that Comfy was more comfortable than Purple when sleeping without a pillow.

Purple vs Comfy: Temperature

One of the most important elements to consider when you’re browsing for mattresses is temperature control. The last thing you want is to be tossing and turning on an uncomfortably hot sleeping surface every night. This is one of the major disadvantages of many memory foam mattresses, as the material is known to absorb heat. While this heat is necessary for the mattress to conform to your body contours, it also means that warmth is trapped inside the foam. This can result in an uncomfortable sleeping temperature at times. Not only does this make it difficult for you to fall asleep in the first place, but it could also result in you waking up multiple times through the night.

Enter the innovative Comfy mattress. One of the most attractive features of the Comfy mattress is its ability to provide memory foam support levels without the issue of overheating. You can enjoy all the benefits that a memory foam mattress provides, plus a cool sleeping surface. The team at Comfy achieved this feat by including a cooling layer on top of the climate adaptive transition layer. The layer is designed to be a barrier between your body and the foam, which results in a mattress that is both supportive and cooling.

The Purple mattress also intends to provide the same cooling result with its Smart Comfort Grid™ construction. Because there is no memory foam used within the grid, air can flow freely and the sleeping surface is kept cool throughout the night. In our opinion, the downside is that the lack of memory foam means that the support levels and comfort aren’t quite as high as you get with the Comfy.

Purple vs Comfy: Motion Transfer

When you’re doing your mattress research, a high level of support and comfort is one of the key qualities to look out for. However, no matter how supportive and comfortable your mattress may be, you’re not going to get a good (enough) night’s sleep unless the mattress is also designed to keep motion transfer levels at a minimum.

So, what exactly is motion transfer? Motion transfer is the term used to describe the movements made on a mattress when an individual shifts around on a bed. It is absolutely essential to find a mattress that minimizes this when you’re sleeping with a partner, unless you’re okay with being woken up due to every little move they make during the night. This type of sleep disruption can leave both you and your partner waking up every morning feeling totally exhausted.

The good news is, the Purple and the Comfy mattress have both clearly been built with the intention to minimize motion transfer.

During our tests, both mattresses kept motion transfer to a minimum. This is purely thanks to the superior construction of the mattresses, as well as their good firmness levels.

We have also found that reviews of both mattresses from couples have mentioned a lower level of sleep disturbance from their partner’s movements.

Purple vs Comfy: Edge Support

Next, we compare the level of edge support from both mattresses. But first things first, what does edge support even mean?

Simply put, a mattress with great edge support will make you feel supported even when you’re sitting (or laying) near the edge. It won’t just be supportive of your body weight when you’re in the center. The edges will be sturdy and solid, which will not only have a positive impact on your comfort levels, but also on the durability of the mattress.

So, how do the Comfy and the Purple fare when it comes to edge support? Well, in our opinion the Comfy wins in this department as the support it offers is consistent no matter how close you sleep to the edge.

In our experience the Purple mattress offered great support in the center, but it was noticeably lacking around the edges. In fact, our research has shown that some users have reported a wobbly and unsteady feeling if they got too close to the edge of the Purple during the night.

Purple vs Comfy: Sleep Trial and Warranty

The Comfy mattress and the Purple mattress both sell most of their mattresses online.

Now, while this means that online buyers cannot physically try out the mattresses before they purchase, both brands have compensated for this by offering generous trial periods. Within these periods, customers can test out their new mattress in the comfort of their own home, and return them for free if they didn’t like it for any reason. Both Comfy and Purple also offer good warranties in case of any issues.

Comfy has an edge over the Purple when it comes to the sleep trial period – fifty days, to be exact! With the Comfy mattress, you get 150 days to try out your new mattress and decide whether you want to keep it.

Comfy’s warranty package is also exceptional, with a LIFETIME warranty for every Comfy mattress sold. This is an incredibly good offer in the mattress world, and shows the confidence that the Comfy team has in the quality of their product. They’ve clearly designed and constructed Comfy to last for a very, very long time.

The Purple mattress comes with a 100 day trial period, which is 50 days less than Comfy’s 150 day trial period.

Purple also loses out in regards to the length of their warranty.

Their 10-year warranty pales in comparison with the Comfy’s LIFETIME warranty. This means that any problems you may encounter after the first 10 years of owning your Purple mattress will be entirely your own to deal with and pay for.

Purple vs Comfy: Price

Let’s get to one of the most important elements that buyers factor in when mattress shopping – the price.

Now, this is another area where both the Comfy mattress and the Purple mattress differ.

Comfy offers two different mattress models. Comfy Standard is available for $899 for a queen size, while a queen Comfy Premium is $1,499. You can get all sizes from Twin to Cal King.

Comfy is currently offering $250 OFF any mattress, and here’s a price for each Comfy mattress with a $250 discount applied. Please note that Comfy Premium will be a little more expensive than Comfy Standard, due to having an additional Body Adapting Macro Air Layer.


The Purple mattress offers a wider variety of prices, although it also only comes in two models – the Original and the New. The New model can be further customized as you can change up the top layer based on your preferences. A queen-sized Purple mattress can be purchased for $1,099, while a queen-sized Purple Hybrid mattress is $1,599. Again, all the common bed sizes are available.

It’s also worth mentioning that the design of the Comfy makes it easier to find bedsheets that fit. For the Purple mattress, you may need to invest in sheets made of a stretchy material because many standard-sized sheets may not adequately cover the sides. Having to buy these new sheets is an additional cost that you should factor in when looking at the total expense of your mattress.

Purple vs Comfy: Weight and Size

While the weight of your mattress may not be something you really care about, it is definitely worth considering if you’re planning to unpack and install the mattress yourself, or are planning to move soon.

The Comfy is significantly lighter than the Purple, and will be much easier to move around, etc. The queen Purple mattress weighs around 110 pounds, while the queen Comfy mattress weighs around 69 pounds.

Purple vs Comfy: Our Pick

After testing and comparing the different features of these two popular mattresses, we came to the conclusion that the Comfy mattress wins over the Purple.

Yes, they both offer good support and cooling for a comfy night’s sleep. But in our opinion the Comfy has a slight edge due to a few important points. Not only does it feel more comfortable and provides better edge support, but you also get a LIFETIME warranty which means that you’re unlikely to ever need to buy a new mattress again.

Comfy’s generous warranty package means that the Comfy team will help you deal with any issues you’ll ever face.

The only way you’d ever need to get a mattress replacement is if you accidentally damage it yourself. Think of the Comfy as the ultimate ‘forever’ purchase.

In our opinion this, combined with Comfy’s lightweight nature and a cheaper price, ultimately make it a more worthy investment than the Purple.

And if that’s not enough, the fact the mattress offers a 150-night trial and is manufactured in the US, should be enough to convince any cautious buyer.

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