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Looking for a comfortable and affordable pillow top mattress? Our researchers have bought and tested some of 2020’s most popular pillow top mattresses such as Saatva, and Dream Cloud, and here’s our ranking of the best ones based on things such as length of warranty, BBB rating, comfort, and overall value:
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Saatva: Our #1 Pillow Top Mattress

We bought and tested Saatva – here’s why its our #1 Pillow Top Mattress in 2020.

Saatva is an online mattress retailer offering three different varieties of mattresses with varying firmness levels. They only use the best eco-friendly materials, and also offer financing options, not to mention the all important factory-to-front-door delivery. Plus, you can even customize the height of your mattress to suit your needs.

Saatva is made up of five different layers, including an edge support system, which makes it one of a kind hybrid mattress.

Two of the five layers are coil-based, but both serve different purposes. The top coil layer is made of individually pocketed coils for contouring, and the layer below it is innerspring based, for additional support and durability.

All Saatva mattresses utilize eco-friendly materials (such as latex, organic cotton, organic wool, etc.), the manufacturing process is organic, and the mattress itself doesn’t contain any harsh, aggressive chemicals.

In addition to using eco-friendly materials, all Saatva mattresses are proudly made in the USA.

Superior Construction

Here’s a why Saatva is hands down the best hybrid mattress on the market:

1) Euro-Style Pillow Top

The mattress top is made from 100% organic cotton which creates a lush soft and breathable material. It’s foam-quilted so it’s gentle, and creates great pressure relief along with the fact it’s bacteria-resistant.

2) Foam Layer

Beneath the quilted cover lies memory foam enhancement which is responsible for providing great pressure relief along with continuous airflow.

3) Individually Wrapped Coils

This particular layer consists of wrapped coils which add a bonus to the feel of the mattress and also help provide body support. They also help isolate motion.

4) Foundation Layer

The foundation layer consists of high-density poly foam which adds further support and keeps the mattress in shape at all times. All Saatva mattress materials are eco-friendly and are made from recycled tempered steel as well as eco-friendly foams and organic cotton coverings.

5) Steel Coil Support Layer

Steel coils comprise the support layer which help make the user feel supported. Along with this, they add to the bounce of the mattress and add further pressure relief.

More Choices, Better Engineering & Surprisingly Affordable Prices

Unlike popular alternatives such as Leesa, Puffy and some others, all Saatva mattresses come with 3 tiers of firmness: Plush Soft, Luxury Firm & Firm

All Saatva mattresses also come with a steel coil support layer, something competitors such as Leesa and Puffy also don’t have. Having a steel coil support layer ensures better support & durability.

And finally, all Saatva mattresses are very reasonably priced, especially when you consider the quality of this luxury mattress, and the eco-friendly materials it is made of.

Here’s a list of available mattress sizes, and how much each of them costs:

Twin: The twin mattress costs $599. Its dimensions are 38 x 75 inches
Twin XL: The twin XL mattress is priced at $699. Its dimensions are 38 x 80 inches
Full: The full-sized mattress costs $999. Its dimensions are 54 x 75 inches
Queen: The queen sized mattress costs $1,099, and its dimensions are 60 x 80 inches
King: The king sized mattress price is $1,499. Its dimensions are 76 x 80 inches
Cal King: The Cal king mattress costs $1,499. Its dimensions are 72 x 84 inches

Please note that prices vary depending on how you customize your mattress. Take for example an 11-inch and 14.5-inch height mattress – both will vary in price. If you add a frame or an adjustable base, the price will change again, etc.

Few More Reasons Why We Love Saatva…

All Saatva mattresses are proudly made in the USA
All Saatva mattresses utilize eco-friendly materials
All Saatva mattresses feature a Euro-Style Pillow Top
All Saatva mattresses come with a Steel Coil Support Layer (Better Support & Durability)
All Saatva mattresses have a 120-Day Trial With Full Refund
All Saatva mattresses have a 15 Year Warranty
Unlike some competitors, Saatva can provide help with setup
Saatva offers a FREE white glove delivery
Saatva has a A+ BBB Rating (Highest!)

Does Saatva Have any Cons?

Yes, but not a lot.

Full Refund Excludes the $99 Transportation Cost
Saatva Doesn't Offer a Lifetime Warranty (They Have a 15 Year Warranty)

What Do Saatva Customers Say?

See for yourself. Here are some of the Saatva reviews from VERIFIED REVIEWERS:

Christine of
Nazareth, PA
''This company is professional, knowledgeable, and helpful. The customer is their focus and they make good on everything they say. I had a great experience doing business with Saatva. In fact, when about a month in I realized I chose a mattress too firm for me, they did exactly what they promise. I exchanged it for the plush top with a small handling fee...that's it, done. Very easy and I look forward to my new mattress. :)''
Eric of
Chesapeake, VA
''I honestly will never buy a mattress from another manufacturer EVER again. I have had my mattress almost 5 years and it when I chatted about an simple warranty issue, they replaced the whole thing for little $285... Small fraction of the original price. Not only did they send me a brand new mattress, they let me keep the old one. The entire transaction took less than 10 minutes. They are truly blazing a customer service trail for all to emulate.''
Carolina of
Miami, FL
''Mattresses are unlike any other. The luxury firm is firm enough to be comfortable yet soft enough to feel good in your shoulders (if you are a side sleeper). The customer service is outstanding. Totally recommend this company and their products!!!''
Jerry of
Decatur, AL
''I purchased a king sized memory foam mattress 20 months ago, and had noticed apparent, abnormal sagging, for my 200 lbs body. I contacted the company, and was very pleased to know that the mattress would be replaced, without any out of pocket expense. I would buy another mattress from this company without hesitation.''

The Final Word

Saatva is our #1 pillow top mattress for a reason.

Its a fantastic mattress that will have you sleeping better and waking up more refreshed.

Unlike other popular alternatives such as Puffy, Leesa and some others, it actually comes with a steel innerspring support layer that in our opinion makes all the difference in the world. You just can’t beat a steel coil support layer if you want that nice and durable, luxury hotel-mattress feel.

In addition to that, all Saatva mattresses come with a euro-style pillow top and have 3 different firmness options for you to choose from. So no matter your firmness preference, you can be sure to find the one that works best for you!

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a USA-made, high quality hybrid mattress that comes with a 120 Days Trial, 15 Year Warranty, and a great price, even for customers who are on a budget, look no further than Saatva. You will not be disappointed.

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